we as students often live plugged in to the internet with our phones, in one unfortunate and careless situation i dropped my phone from the first floor while texting my girlfriend. The phone instantly cracked, so I wanted to make something that could save people from such unfortunate circumstances. 

What it does

What it basically does is it detects a free fall and automatically deploys a parachute to slow it down, thus saving the object(eg. phone) from serious damages. This can also be used to drop objects from HDB's(tall buildings) to ground such as keys in case one forgets them.

How we built it

We started by separating the work into two coding and parachute deployment. We used a garbage bag as a parachute and coded the nano using arduino and attached the servos and accelerometer to it. so once we figured out these two we worked on integrated it which was the difficult part as we had to fix the whole thing inside a very compact system(body). we had to look for strong and a light base to hold our whole device including the parachute and at the same time be compact and small , Next for the trap-door we used a plastic sheet that's flexible and cut a slit on the end so that it can be locked using the servo, with this we were good to deploy!

Challenges we ran into

The main issue was that we didn't have a proper parachute so the deployment was not exact , the parachute needed to be a little bit outside the device for the air flow ,we were not able to find the body to hold the device, and we had difficulties with wire connections and also with reducing the weight

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being our first hackathon we are extremely proud of how the final product is. We were able to make a compact working prototype which with some more improvements will help so many people

What we learned

we understood the difficulty and the difference with practical and theoretical knowledge.

What's next for Space Y

With proper parachute and a body we see Space Y has a companion for all the valuable devices and a phone breakage free earth !

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