Roshnee's inspiration for choosing the Space Visual Reality workshop was her interest in outer Space and its aesthetics, and her new-found interest in Visual Reality and Augmented Reality. For Melanie, the Space Visual Reality workshop had peaked her interest in the visual effects displayed in the program's ultimate result and interest in astronomy.

The Space VR features a model of the Earth and a model of the Moon. Both figures rotate, however the moon is programmed to rotate a third slower than the Earth.

Using javascript on Atom, we were able to program this.

Attending this Hackathon begins our long journey of trying to improve and learn more coding. Before Roshnee came here, she had never touched computer coding.Melanie has had previous coding experiences and has had limited contact with javascript, proving this to be a learning experience for her as well. However, coming to this Hackathon has definitely been a life changing experience for both Melanie and Roshnee and they acquired the opportunity to realize that they actually enjoyed what coding they managed to complete within the past day more than they anticipated they would.

A big roadblock that Roshnee found herself facing was her lack of coding knowledge and experience. At the beginning of the Hackathon Roshnee was falling behind in the workshops she attended, since she didn't know anything about coding computers. However, the amazing mentors helped walk her through everything step by step and ultimately helped her attain a better understanding of coding and what goes into Javascript. Melanie, though having previous coding experience, also encountered challenges. She found herself encountering trial and error and finding out what she did wrong and fixing it.

Melanie and Roshnee feel like we mainly focused on javascript through the workshops they went to, and they definitely found themselves gaining more knowldege about it.

The Space VR can definitely be used in gaming and entertainment.

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