We knew we wanted to work in Python and Pygame was a fun library that 3 of us had never used before!

What it does

Space Traveler is a game where you play as an alien dodging space debris.

How we built it

The game was built using Python and Pygame.

Challenges we ran into

Hitboxes of both the game and UI were annoying to deal with and took some testing to better understand.

Pygame is not really optimized for making UI's but we overcame those struggles and made a clean UI.

We made a really well performing game when Pygame is not known for having good performance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked great as a team and learned GitHub for the first time together. We made a complete game within the 24 hour hackathon. (especially cool since it was our first time making a game!)

What we learned

Pygame Library Pygame is fairly limited/ we probably cant do more than we did without hurting FPS GitHub Object oriented programming in Python Basics user experience

What's next for Space Traveler

Space Traveler 2, featuring plenty of microtransactions.

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