• The project has been inspired by the introduction of Forge and an existing server application.
  • The goal was to make a cloud-based application with an improved UI providing higher availability and better usability.
  • Since Forge offers a 100% cloud-based platform, the decision was made to implement the application using Forge.

What it does

  • The application provides an easy and self-explaining way of interacting with Confluence contents (pages) and spaces.
  • Drag'n'drop functionality to provide a better UX.
  • Slick interface, not overloaded with controls.
  • Bulk operations on multiple entities (pages, spaces).
  • Visual feedback for a user about the status of the tasks triggered.

How we built it

First off, we've gathered some knowledge about Forge and started experimenting with the API of the Confluence Cloud. While doing so, we've intended to find the limitations/differences of the cloud platform in comparison to the server. This step was essential to understand what kind of product we could produce, considering the current state of Forge as a platform.

Once the limitations/differences were recognized and documented, we have started looking for ideas for a product. When documenting our knowledge about Forge, we used Confluence Cloud. We came across some limitations in content management, resulting in an idea of implementing this content management functionality for the cloud. And so, the idea of Space Tools Pro was born.

The main parts of the project were:

  • UI: Designing the user interface. This is where we spent a lot of hours drawing and discussing to make an application that would be self-explaining and not overloaded.
  • Implementing the functionality. During the implementation phase, we have stumbled upon quite a few cloud platform-specific and Forge-specific things.
  • Testing. This is the part that was actively worked with during the whole project.

Challenges we ran into

  • Interpreting the Forge documentation during the knowledge collection phase and the actual implementation.
  • Continuous changes and updates of Forge were even more confusing because of the "challenge" mentioned above.
  • Working with new tools and a new product (some of us were not familiar with Confluence).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a fully functional product in a very short time.
  • Creating a product for a completely new platform.
  • Working as a team.

What we learned

  • Differences and limitations of the Confluence Cloud.
  • Forge platform.
  • Managing the project 100% within the Cloud Environment: code versioning, documentation, planning, and time tracking.
  • There is no such a thing as too much time for designing UI.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of planning.
  • Involve a tester when designing the UI.

What's next for Space Tools Pro

  • Introducing more functionality to the existing implementation.
  • Persistent storage for user-specific configurations.
  • Performance tuning.

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