As a Confluence administrator, it could be difficult to keep track of outdated pages. A visual view of a page timeline with the ability to perform actions on multiple pages could be helpful for this.

What it does

This Confluence add-on shows a timeline of all pages in a space or based on a CQL filter (made easy with the inclusion of a CQL query builder). You can then see the freshness of pages visually and perform actions on multiple selected pages, including adding a label, moving pages, deleting pages, adding a comment, or exporting a list of links.

How I built it

The frontend was mostly built with jQuery and a few libraries, but the comment functionality is built with React.

Challenges I ran into

The comment functionality was built using the editor-cq module of Atlaskit, which is built using React. I didn't have much familiarity with React, so integrating that and getting the @mention functionality to work properly was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was eventually able to integrate the Atlaskit module into my project, which saved a lot of time. Furthermore, the CQL builder functionality, while not as fully featured as the JIRA JQL advanced query functionality, makes searching fairly easy while still allowing advanced users to write their own complex queries.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Webpack and the React ecosystem, and was able to see how to integrate Atlaskit modules into a Connect add-on, which is great for integrating the UI patterns of the new ADG3 interface in Atlassian add-ons.

What's next for Space Timeline

Currently there's no option for restricting functionality (for example, even though users have delete rights, an administrator might want to restrict the ability to delete multiple pages at a time), and I'd also like to introduce a walk-through for new users.

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