Inspiration - As an all girls team, being safe is a problem that we all share. We wanted a multi platform, free version of a safety app.

What it does - If you feel like you're in an unsafe area, open the app and hold down the button in the middle. If you release the button, you have five seconds to input a passcode to ensure you're ok. If the passcode is not entered, out app will discreetly text three contacts your location information. Everything is operated locally so there is little to no risk of app sabotage.

You can change the button background to something inconspicuous- we suggest a screenshot of your phone background. Our app logo and name are also designed to be muted and unnoticable so it can be easily tucked away on a homepage for quick access.

How I built it - We used Java and XML on Android Studio IDE.

Challenges I ran into - Everything was harder than we expected it to be. Nobody was very proficient at Java, which made the coding more difficult than it should have been, but with everyone’s help, we managed to get through the process. Also, because we came into LA Hacks without an idea thought out, it was difficult to think of something unique and special, and it was difficult for us to split up the work for our project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We overcame a lot of challenges as beginner programmers, and learned how to work together even when we were stumped during the 3 days of LA Hacks.

What I learned - No sleep and no experience do not work well together.

Proper work distribution is very important. Everyone at LA Hacks is always willing to help you, talk to you, and give good advice on college and life. (because we are high schoolers)

What's next for SPACE: Stay Protected at All Costs Everywhere - If someone forces you to enter a code, another code can be entered that outwardly shows an all clear sign but still notifies your contacts.

 Adding a heatmap showing the places where people release the button the most would help others avoid those areas and plan around it.

If the app is opened and button is pressed, the app forces mobile service and location data to turn on, making sure contact services are available if needed. Add other safety features like a fake call to get out of potentially dangerous dating situations, turning on cameras and audio clips once button is released. Add a pre-written text that contains user’s necessary information that when calling 911, the text will be converted to voice just in case the user cannot talk aloud. Other safety features

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