Inspiration I saw the google strong random password generator that suggests you a password when you sign up on a website and after seeing that I got inspired thought to make one of my own.

What it does It basically generates you a random and strong password of you specified length.

How I built it I first built it in a very tedious way and had written almost 300 lines of code. I usually build projects like this and then nicely format them and make them look beautiful and when I went through the code and shortened it and made it more efficient it was of only 11 lines excluding the line spaces. So I pretty much build the base design first and then gave it a final touch.

Challenges I ran into make the code less tedious and nicely formatting it nicely was the main problem I faced because I had to shorten a code from 300 lines to 11.

Accomplishments that I am proud of The accomplishments that I am proud of are that I was able to shorten the code and finish it in time and of course make the project work.

What we learned I leaned more about python and the random module by making this project.

What's next for Space Shooter game I am going to try to add a database to it and release this program as an app.

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