What we wanted to do was create a game like risk, but we could fight each individual battle while conquering other places to replicate high strategy gameplay. So what we tried to do was to create a battle game demo

What it does &## Challenges I ran into

what we did was we mapped keys to WASD and created commands to create damage to the player. We couldn't complete our project due to our inexperience and lack of exposure to coding, but this was a great experience on coding that can help with creating future projects

How I built it

Using methods and classes from github/youtube, we learned how to create code, and created player classes, and enemy classes. With that, we showed how enemies can take damage, and how the player gets damaged even more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

being that I learned how to code and having experience

What's next for Space shooter

is to change it for the intended purpose of being a modified version of the game RISK.

Built With

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