I always want to build my own game :) Now first version of space shooter is ready, try it on Mumbai testnet!

What it does

Connect metamask with gameplay and allow user to login, mint NFT spaceship and play! We have 5 types of spaceships limited by 1000 items in our NFT collection. Each player can mint one NFT and modify this spaceship by playing the game. When you kill enemies you receive coins that will be used to upgrade your spaceship and move to the next level. Kill all aliens and unravel the secrets of their civilization!

How we built it

  • Learn ct.js game engine.
  • Build module that allow to connect ct.js with blockchain (using ethers.js).
  • Deploy spaceship images and json information for NFTs using NFT.Storage.
  • Create NFT collection of 5 types of spaceships with different characteristics. Available on openSea:
  • Attach Alchemy NFT API to get additional information about user NFTs.
  • Build first version of the game and modify to get really interesting gameplay.
  • Added story about aliens and your mission.
  • Updates screen design and contract functionality to mint NFT, claim rewards, upgrade spaceship characteristics and level, added energy (temporary disabled for testing reason).
  • Tested and deployed to Mumbai testnet.
  • Frontend deployed using Spheron Network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Interesting story and gameplay.
  • Ability to modify spaceship and increase level.
  • Different types of weapons, enemies and items (increase health, shield)
  • 5 spaceship types with unique characteristics for each type.
  • Tablet devices show gamepad buttons.
  • Music in the game.
  • Interactive menu with asteroids (before you connect metamask).
  • Full screen mode.

What's next for Space Ranger

  • Complete all levels.
  • Complete ability to upgrade your spaceship.
  • Launch on Polygon Mainnet.

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