I was looking for a reason to learn flutter and this hackathon gave me a chance to to that.

What it does

This is a Sliding Puzzle game with a Space Theme. There are two game modes,

1, Free Play This has multiple levels (15 for now) with increasing board size. Next level opens up after completing a level. These are just number puzzles.

2, Daily Challenge This is a photo puzzle. A unique image puzzle is given daily for everyone using the app. A leaderboard ranked with least time scored will be shown to everyone. To keep things competitive instead of randomizing the puzzle in local, the randomization happens only once in server, so everyone competing in the daily challenge will have the tiles in same order for a day.

The app made responsive so it works on all phone, tablet and desktops. Also it can be installed as a PWA. The Free Play mode will work offline as well.

Note: The images and music are bought from adobe stock.

How we built it

I like learning stuffs by directly jumping in coding. Being new to Flutter initially I used FlutterFlow to do the layouts and then learned code from it. As the app progressed moved to direct coding. Being new I don't know exact practice followed for organizing flutter project, so right now the code looks like a mess, which I will be cleaning soon. For serving the daily challenge and leaderboard, firebase is used.

Challenges we ran into

I wrote my first line of dart code for this hackathon only. So everything initially was a challenge, especially understanding how the puzzle board works, animation etc.

What's next for Space Puzzle

Add more levels and a multiplayer timed mode.

Built With

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