Space Adventure


We've been inspired by the universe of the cartoon Rick and Morty and the Portal game. We wanted to create something futuristic, but easy for users to understand. We decided to made this effect as a constructor, details of which we can change in order with customer wishes and needs. But first of all, it will be just a cute game with beautiful visual effects that will allow you to have a little fun and compete with friends.

What it does

This effect contains an alien gun that opens a space portal with a shot. That portal leads you into the game. In the game you must control a spaceship and dodge objects flying towards you.The longer you hold out - the more points the timer will show.

How we built it

This project was built on JavaScript and assembled in Spark AR. We've also used 3DS MAX and Photoshop to made all objects, envirinment and textures that you can see in effect. We've used After Effects to create our animated portal.

Challenges we ran into

The main difficulties that we encountered while working on this project were related to the limitations of our capabilities with the Spark AR program. We were unable to use Partical Emitter to create meteorites. It was necessary to track their position for a collision, and the built-in Spark AR functions could not do this. We had to use the Cuboid Collusion Detection patch made by Alex Anpilogov in order to correctly track objects in the scene. We also had to deal with a limitation in the size and productivity of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the fact that we had to face some difficulties, we were able to cope with them and bring the project to the form in which we wanted to see it when we started work. We are pleased with the mechanics of the game and the visual effects we created.

What we learned

First of all, we improved our teamwork skill. We had to argue, discuss, think together, come to a common decision, and we are glad that in the end it turned out to be a project that is consistent with the original plan and that everyone was satisfied with. Each of us also pumped skills in the areas in which we worked - writing code, modeling, copywriting, drafting directorial scripts, design and product presentation.

What's next for Space Adventure

We would like to develop this project further, find those to whom it may be useful, come up with new interesting ideas and updates. During the work on this project, we all became attached to it and would like it to find its place in the actively developing world of AR.

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