from an adventure game that i was playing before, cat quest 2, but our game is far from it so...

What it does

it randomly generates platforms, and you can go around them, if you want, you can also play crab rave in the background

How we built it

we made a canvas on top of a simple HTML page, and controlled by a short piece of javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript being annoying

console.log(.1 + .2)  // 0.3000000000000004
console.log(.3 + .6)  // 0.8999999999999999

excuse me but whattttttttt (yea had this problem for years lol)

async stuff _ doesn't work _

setInterval(loOp, 100); //go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

yea it just doesn't wanna work with me

StackOverflow have the right answer, not what I wanted

who is still using jquery?

algorithms don't work

aka "I didn't study about algorithms"

implemented a crappy "physics engine", glitchy and doesn't work half of the time lol so tired fixing those, but somehow I just decided to write it down on paper, after some magic hacks, I fixed it.

why is the drawing thing so hard to use

yea we used photoshop and its so hard to draw things, even those it's pixel art, still very hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. we actually got it to work, in 2 days
  2. and it actually felt like a game, just less complete
  3. we fixed all problems
  4. we did all feature requests we made for ourselves

What we learned

we should plan things before code and have more branches for git

also, javascript is not good, debugging with js is not fun at all

What's next for space-platform-game

multiplayer support using node +, since this thing is kinda boring better graphics and less crappy code, maybe a library it was planned but since there are only 2 days, it never happened

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