Company cultures and those little habits such as Space or Tabs matter. Our App will analyse the code repositories of the applicant as well as the stackoverflow reputations by presenting it in the form of graph to show their language strength and what job role would be suitable for the applicant.

What it does

Normally, the recruiters have to scroll through and visits their github and stackoverflow pages manually. On top of that, they need to know what those codes in those websites mean, also, hiring recruiters who have IT backgrounds are expensive. So by automating this process, we can give the recruiters who don't have IT background to have a better overview of the applicant.

How we built it

Javascript, ReactJS

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are here to build a happier and more suitable fit for the company and the job applicants.


We will also analyse the watch and staring from github profile, so that we know what technology the applicants are interested in. We plan to implement OCR so that whenever the applicant upload their CV, it will identify the github links and immediately the the recruiters an overview strength of the applicants.

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