I distinctly remember how sad and angry I was at the world for the way it treated my sister but most of all, I remember the feeling of hopelessness that filled me over the fact that I couldn't do a thing about it. It was then that I decided to create space as a way to be there for her even when I'm 500 miles away. If my words weren't enough to help her, to make her believe that her life was worth living, then the only thing I could do was show her instead. It was and still is my hope that space will be the kind of app that is there for individuals when they feel alone in the world. I want space to give people the kind of space they need so that they can come to love themselves and truly understand that their life is beautiful.

What it does

On the surface space is an average journaling application with a VR twist. Where space truly shines lies with its features and the thought put behind them.

How I built it

space was designed by myself with the help of my friends Steven Tan and Christian Ramiro. For the hackathon we split the app in two, with Steven handling the application in Unity and Christian and myself working on the UI in Xcode and Swift.

Challenges I ran into

For this hackathon specifically, the biggest problem we had was the time constraint. Even though we felt like we had an amazing idea we weren't able to integrate every feature that we desired. Other than that we had a blast just going for it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project has been two years in the making and we are just proud that we finally have a physical product. We truly believe that this application can help people and we are proud of designing a product that was truly designed with the user experience and user safety in mind.

What I learned

We learned how to bridge the gap between the mental health industry and the latest virtual reality technologies (Google VR).

What's next for space

We hope that we can use space for therapy as a way to give therapists more insight into their patient without intruding. We see space as an app for every person to live a healthier life. For example, we want space to provide an easy access VR experience to those who otherwise couldn't afford/acquire a tool like Occulus.

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