💡 Inspiration

The best part of a museum is its interactivity, but the issue with browsing online is that you can't get that "hand-on" feel as you would in a museum. However, with the use of augmented reality technology, we have been able to solve this.

⚙ What It Does

Our website provides a museum of our solar system and utilizes echoAR to display the planets from your phone.

💭 How We Built It

We built the front-end of our web application using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. We built the back-end of our web application using echoAR. We collaborated using the Live Share extension on VSCode.

😡 Challenges We Ran Into

We ran into many technical challenges as usual, but our main problem was registering a domain.

🎁 Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We built a cool website!

🤔 What We Learned

We learned how to collaborate efficiently as a team and how to use many new technologies.

❓ What's Next for SpaceAR?

We will continue maintaining and updating our website with cool new features!

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