Covid has posed a lot of challenges. It has affected us as a person, our daily lifestyle, and society as a whole. Thus, working around community issues that will make things better and easier around us was the motivation for this problem.

What it does

Manages spaces and make them covid-safe.

How we built it

We used Flutter and tried integrating it with firebase

Challenges we ran into

All the team members were new with the technology of Flutter and Firebase. So, it was kind of time taking to get used to new technologies, installations, and coding on the new platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implemented the "Space Management" app using flutter. Though we didn't quite get the Firebase working, we explore it's working.

What we learned

Technologies like flutter and firebase(authentication for users, integration with real-time database), working with the team.

What's next for Space Management

  1. So the idea is that we can add location services to track the users in the system and allocate the spaces or rooms which are nearby and available.
  2. Adding services like integration with cleaning services and management to ensure the place is sanitized well.
  3. Integration of the application with medical facility services. For example, if we identify that a user has symptoms, he/she can book the doctor's appointment and have a video call to get diagnosed. Further, the user can order medicines using an online pharmacy platform and get it delivered to their homes.
  4. Covid- contact tracing and isolation of the rooms/spaces, using the user's database.
  5. Expanding this to table management services in restaurants/malls. This will make the place covid-safe and get the economy-boosting too.
  6. Thus, in a nutshell, the idea can be generalized to various spaces organization, let it be college or schools, public places - museums, theatres, conferences, etc; restaurants.

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