After the success of Elon Musk's all-civilian crew spaceflight and Jeff Bezos' trip to the space, people become more curious about the outside world beyond the earth. Further, space traveling has been dream of many people since they were small. Now, with the prospective that space tourism will become more common in the future, there is a new demand for people to learn about space, universe, and skills to navigate in the space for civilian spaceflights. Further, because of the pandemic, many people stay at home and want to divert their boredom. They can learn more about space and it can be an inspiration to divert people from depression and let them have new purpose in their lives.

All of the above demands point to the need to have a website that can train civilians about necessary information about the outside of the earth and how to react to different situations in space. Further, as civilian spaceflight become more common, there will be job demands for flight attendants and astronauts who can drive the spaceships on more regular basis for civilian flights.

Because of the above needs, we build our website called Spaceeducation. The website offers people chance to learn more about the universe and skills to navigate in the space. There is also a chat bot that gather contact info and alerts customer service representative to contact and assist the customers.

What it does

An interactive website that offer space learning courses and skills to navigate in the space for space civilian flights. Customers can sign up using the "Get started" page. There is a chat bot that asks the customers for further contact and alert admin information about the conversation with the customers.

How we built it

  • HTML
  • Vix

Challenges we ran into

The time to build the solution is short

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We was able to set up an interactive page with chat bot and automatic workflow to send email alert to the customer representative about the conversation and need of the customers.

What we learned

We learnt to work and built site and chat bot in a limited amount of time.

What's next for Space Learning

Build more interactive features into the site

Built With

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