The inspiration to build this system came after a conversation regarding a subject

What it does

It is a chat and management platform to clearly visualise activity and contributions to different subjects within a project - the view can be described as a galaxy - a project is a solar system, and a planet is a subject and a under subject can be considered a moon - the child of the subject. Each object - called "nodes", has an atmosphere (the outer circle) that indicates the amount of members, chat message and possibly other parameters in order to determine how much fuss there is about this subject / problem / thought / idea in particular

How we built it

C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React, ASP.NET

Challenges we ran into

Experimenting with unfamiliar technologies, resetting the project way too many times and too late in the process

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had fun, and established a good idea

What we learned

Not to focus too much on the infrastructure and focus more on developing the final viable product

What's next for Space-it.Asp

We might decide to go further with the idea - we think it has potential

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