Racing the sun - Steam Game; Beijing Besieged by Waste - Documentary

In life, we notice everyone produced so many wastes, plastics, containers, we want to create an experience to raise awareness of this environmental issue and make the world greener.

What it does

A fun game allows users to try to escape from an abandoned city which full of garbage & waste.

How we built it

Mostly done by Unity with love.

Challenges I ran into

Lots of compiling issues because of version incompatibility between Unity and Android Studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and looks pretty good.

What we learned

Lots of Unity, set up environments and SDKs, openCV.

What's next for Space Invaders

Machine Learning - train AI when playing the game and have them compete with real users Sharing Scores (Snap kits): Share the best with friends and compete Integrate with Oculus VR At the end of the game, ask people to vote or comments, or donate for the environment

Feel free to install our APK from our Google Drive to test it out!


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