Organization of spaces as per groups, products, content type is must for content management system. Breadcrumbs for easy navigation between spaces of hierarchy makes life of user easy and boosts the productivity of user.

What it does

It allows to create hierarchy of spaces as per need. Space hierarchy can be listed using macro. Breadcrumbs provides easy navigation between spaces. It also provides rest api, so that space hierarchy can be created using automation scripts as well

How I built it

I built it using Atlassian sdk and Java language

Challenges I ran into

Keeping the performance of server intact was major challenge. Some existing plugins provides breadcrumbs but performance of server goes down by great extent by using those. We have designed our data structure such that there is almost 0 impact on performance of page loading.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Providing the much desired feature without impacting the performance gives us lot of satisfaction.

What's next for Space Hierarchy & Breadcrumbs for Confluence

Space hierarchy creation could be made more easy by providing drag & drop facility for all listed spaces.

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