We wanted to create a unique game that combined multiple elements to make an original experience for the player. We ended up combining the ideas of a sports game like golf with a planetary environment to create Space Golf.

What it does

Right now there are 9 playable levels where the player has to utilize the gravity of nearby objects to move the ball to the goal while also avoiding hitting any stars or gas giants.

How we built it

This game was coded in Unity with C# as our scripting language.

Challenges we ran into

There were a few challenges with the gravity system as the ball would often not stop when it should or it might roll too much based on the gravity acting on it. We also had some issues making all of the levels connect together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This game features a home brewed 2D gravity system that can handle multiple moving objects and gravity sources.

What we learned

We learned more about how much work needs to go into even small, simplistic games to make them worth playing.

What's next for Space Golf

Our future plans include making more levels and introducing more obstacles such as black holes, portals, etc. We also hope to incorporate a type of hint system that helps you play the game by teaching you more about orbital mechanics.

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