This project was initiated with great passion and engagement from us. Many of the members of our group dreamed about building a career creating video games, and we decided to start our journey at Tiger Hacks. Furthermore, as we love space and exploring, we wanted to make a game related to a rocket traveling through outer space. Therefore, we based ourselves on other games, like Space Invaders and Spore, to create our original project.

What it does

It is a game that simulates outer space travel. The players' primary objective is to guide their rockets, avoiding the many asteroids and aliens that appear on the way. However, the player cannot only pay attention to the obstacles in the way, as the rocket demands the gamer to activate its turbine and sustain flight. In summary, it is a game of agility, skill, and attention that provides a fun challenger to the player.

How we built it

We used different programs to perform various types of action. To make the overall art of the objects and some animations, we used Blender, a 3D modeling program. The platform used to design our game was Unity. Knowing that the best games of the new generation use that, we took an extra effort to learn and use Unity to create our game. Furthermore, the group's more advantageous language was C Sharp once Microsoft Windows supported it.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The main challenge faced by the group is that, although we had the engagement, we did have the experience, as we are mainly composed of first-year students. We are all international students, so we needed to learn everything and not in our birth language. However, we decided to participate and elaborate the project anyways, for the sake of learning. Moreover, many of the platforms and programs we used were previously unknown, and we had to learn while programming. Although it was challenging, it was a fruitful experience, and we all finished the project as wiser and more dedicated programmers.

What we learned

    We learned and enhanced our skills in C# languager, using programs and platforms such as Unity or Blender, 3D virtual sculpting, animating, and teamwork.

What's next for !space_invader

We genuinely liked the project, and we are planning to continue it as we enjoyed and learned many things as we programmed. We intend to add more obstacles, more complexity, and maybe more game mechanics.

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