Main game The game itself is based off escape rooms and story driven games with puzzles including Undertale. Space theme inspired by Starbound as well as our teammate matt's spacey music: soundcloud link Character The colour combination of orange and blue is fairly popular, since its like water and fire, main inspiration is probably from portal 2 Puzzles Some puzzles are inspired from other games. Overall, we created all puzzles as a team. Music After choosing a Crayon looking art style, our musician matt tried going for like a childish and cute lullaby sound to fit the crayon aesthetic.

What it does / About the game

Space Escape is a 2D, Top-Down game about an entity who simply wants to watch the view with his friend. In this game you will have to go through several rooms (5, to be exact) and solve puzzles that get progressively harder in order to move to the next room. The end goal is to get to the other side of the spaceship to get to your friend. (this is indicated by in-game dialogue) Towards the end however, you are met with an emergency leaving you with only a short period of time to solve the remaining puzzles.

How we built it

The game is built using the following: -> Unity (C#) -> Photoshop -> JummBox

Challenges we ran into

Thinking and creating the puzzles took a lot of our time. Programming the actual puzzles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not think we could complete the whole game within the given time, so that itself was something we were proud of

What we learned

Learned more about unity, game related art such as tilesets and different perspective art

What's next for Space Escape

To further improve the visuals of the game by changing some sprites and assets.


Matt G -> Musician && Sound effects || Aayush S -> Programmer || Annabel C -> Artist

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