The Main Concept -- Make use of the real environment

It seems to me that AR effects are more magical when it has something to do with the real world. As beautiful as glowing fireflies in a painting of a forest, or as funny as lover's arms around the shoulder.

When it does to world AR, it seems to be common to place something around the air or put something on the floor. I was wondering is there anything more unique in world AR. After days of seeking, the sky, is my final answer.

So this project aims to make use of the sky. A heroic landing or a meteor experience is my first thought but might be too straightforward. And also needs to consider the technical limitations and the complexity of the asset making. Finally, this SpaceEat is my best idea for world AR.

What it does

It's kind of an immersive cinematic experience happing right in front you. (maybe a bit of comedy?)

How to play

First, you can move and scale the landing mark to adjust the deliverer's size and position, making the animation more seamless in the real environment.

And then you can tap on the icon to order the pizza, the delivery will come right away.

After the pizza box is on the ground, you can tap it to open.

How I built it

I use Maya to do the model and the animation. And then assemble all the elements in Spark AR Studio.

Challenges I ran into

The animations, I guess. How to let the brakes appear with the bike (some 3d rigging stuff), and how to make the landing feeling comes from the universe. Or maybe the concept itself, like how to make good use of the sky with all the limitations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The "heroic landing" and the "ground brake marks" are the two main concepts I was trying in this project. And both seemed achieved my goal.

Also put some time working on the shadow, the animation, and the sound effects. Quite happy with the final result!

What I learned

I was not interested in world AR before. After this project, I found that maybe there are more things to play with in world AR!

What's next for Space Eat -- Universel Food Delivery

Not sure -- hope this might interest someone and maybe we could have another bigger project :P

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