Alone and Lost In Space ? Missing somebody ? Thinking about somebody ? Want to talk to someone ? Then what's better than talking and knowing yourself better ?

What it does

Space Diaries allows the user (here : astronaut) to pour in his/her thoughts and analyze them in a manner one can never expect. It takes the input in the form of a text file (.txt) and processes and analyzes the file in order to discover the emotions (in %) present, most frequent words used, people affecting the particular person with the contents present in the diary along with allowing you to export and save your diary/Journals in your own Whatsapp account with the Twilio API.

How we built it

We basically built it with the Natural Processing Algorithms (NLPs) in R which includes sentimental analysis, segmentation of sentences based on a particular word and analzing the same through visual charts.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was to integrate ** Whatsapp messaging ** with the Space Diaries using the Twilio API and that too with R which is not a very compatible language as compared to the other programming languages such as Python. Also, working with R and integrating UI with it was yet another strong barrier to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with such a Unique Idea and implementing it too within such a short span of time using a programming language such as R (which is hardly compatible and difficult to use ) and that too along with integrating an API such as Twilio which is completely new to us is really commendable and we are extremely proud of ourselves. ** Believe us, We know we are Smart ! **

What we learned

Implementing a new API with R (Twilio) and Analyzing the data using it (using various NLP Algorithms) was our major milestone.

What's next for Space Diaries

We aim at hosting and taking our Space Diaries to a larger platform along with enhancing our UI and including some more features such as tracking the location of the person and creating more dynamic graphs

Built With

  • css
  • flexdashboard
  • r
  • shinywebapp
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