As we enter this 21st century we enter also a new era in space. Emerging technologies offer unprecedented new access to a realm of possibilities once limited to the largest superpower nations. We stand on the brink of a new space development boom to rival that of the information revolution. To pursue life in space is to learn to go from dirt, rocks, and sunlight to a sustainable middle-class standard of living using tools on the scale of home appliances. There is virtually nothing about life on Earth these capabilities would not change in parallel. To that end, we call for the creation of the first decentralized autonomous space agency as an open global venture.

What it does

  • Supporters contribute ETH into the Space DAO, and get 3x STC in their wallet, and 1x STC is deposited into a fundPool
  • Supporters with at least 1 STC can elect people to the Space Council, who manages the fundPool (multisig wallet)
    • STC from the fundPool is allocated as bounties to new Project contracts, which are essentially a “request for proposals”
  • Mission Designers pay entry fee to submit solutions to win the Project bounties
  • Qualified Peer Reviewers will review the solutions and grade them (1-4)
    • Proposal with highest average grade wins bounty
    • Space Council can validate or veto the winning solution

How we built it

The project was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain for smart contracts. We used the Consensys ERC-20 token for the initial token sale for issuing STC. ReactJS was used for the front end Dapp component. For development environment, we used MetaMask, and truffle as the toolset.
Combining our Ethereum-based token with Uport identity verification to empower user to build the future

Challenges we ran into

Being the first time we develop Smart Contracts, we had to learn virtually everything from scratch.

  • debugging flow for contracts is pretty slow with testrpc
  • kind of buggy with Remix.
  • token customization
  • designing the contract structure

However, the support from mentors and online communities were really helpful and encouraging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the limited time and despite being together for the first time, we worked collectively to combine front-end, smart contracts, business acumen, and product management and it worked really well.

What we learned

  • A lot more about the technical side of whatever is related to Ethereum (Solidity, MetaMask, etc.)
  • What sort of apps ought to use the blockchain, what ought not to, etc.

What's next for Space DAO

A solid ICO to pay our first trip to Mars, then the galaxy!

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