The lack of attention space waste gets in media. Ever since the space race, debris has been piling up in space. People are unaware of all of the debris since it is above the atmosphere and we can't see it. How are we to move forward with our future if our past is in our way.

What it does

A game that gives you the opportunity to launch a rocket into space and try to avoid all of the debris left behind from past missions. A player will note the difficulty increase as more missions are completed/failed since debris will keep increasing.

How we built it

Using Blender we designed each individual object and spacecraft for game play. We then uploaded the objects into Unity and started working with camera angles, information, user interface, orbits, a flight path, and collisions.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out user interface, imputing a continuous background, having to Youtube and Google everything we did not know.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It was our first hackathon and none of us are computer science majors so we are most proud of our working game, our graphics, our music, and our message.

What we learned

How to use Blender and Unity. Space debris is a problem and will only continue to get worse.

What's next for Space D.A.M

We want to add a feature increase debris after every launch instead of by level to better simulate what is going on now. We also want to continue to bring attention to space waste and find ways to reduce the amount of debris we leave in space. Knowing is half the battle and if more people are aware, the more people there will be to help us. Part of our initial plan was to have the players own debris act as an obstacles for them, much like our own waste does. We were unable to implement this within the 24 hours, but this penultimate task will add an interesting level of difficulty to our game.

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