Inspiration - Elon Musk has been my inspiration for technological innovation so I portray him in my space cowboy nft

What it does - it's an NFT art for collectors and fans of Elon Musk

How I built it - I built the art in Adobe Photoshop and mint in

Challenges I ran into - I have been trying to mint my nft at for the third time now but it's not working. I checked the kollect discord channel and found out that there are others who are having the same issue (it won't mint). I submitted a ticket to their discord and website to ask for help, hopefully they will take action. Here is the link to the ticket

If my nft didn't show up, I apologize for myself and also on their behalf, maybe they are having back-end issues as well and won't able to fix it on time for the due date of submission.

I'm a total beginner when it comes to crypto, nft, and web3. I had challenges creating a wallet because I don't understand what it is about. Thinking of an art concept wasn't easy, I did several artwork in photoshop but I got disappointed at myself with the outcome. Today I woke up with a clear head and made a pixelated art and I'm happy with it.

Accomplishments I'm proud of - I am proud that I did not loose hope despite the ups and downs and cross the finish line. I am able to know about Nervos Network public blockchain ecosystem, cryptocurrency wallet, Ethereum blockchain, and minting nft in

What I learned - Last month, I had no clue what web3 is about. Joining this hackathon let me learn by doing and building things, which is the best way to learn.

What's next for Space Cowboy NFT - I will create more nft art for my collection

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posted an update

This is the third time I tried to create an NFT at the website but it's not working. After I clicked the "mint and sell" button it will not do anything. There are also no indication if the mint is being processed or not. I submitted a ticket#0090 to Kollect discord server and waiting for their response.

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