We were inspired by both Ender's Game and the book/television series The Expanse to create this game/simulation.

What it does

Space Commander is a practical demonstration of what all video games will be like in the future. Space Commander is highly competitive, building many of the best mechanics from competitive Esports into a novel space strategy game / battle arena hybrid, with six degrees of freedom of movement. Players compete by building up a fleet of ships to complete an objective. Each ship offers specific benefits to the fleet, from heavy firepower and speed to shielding and health recharge. In the demo level, team A attacks the space station while team B defends. Players build their fleet by warping in ships, which cost the player points to warp in.

How we built it

We used Blender and Substance Painter to create the ships and assets, and Unity to program.

Challenges we ran into

The Hackathon ran really smoothly other than the first night when half of our team (Alex) got food poisoning on the drive into town and had to spend the first night working from a hotel room.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an interesting social experience by overlaying avatars directly onto players in AR with inverse kinematics.

What we learned

We both feel like we learned a lot throughout this process (both on the technical side and the artistic side).

What's next for Space Commander

We built Space Commander to take place within the same futuristic, cyber universe our other game, Laserbots, takes place in. We'd like to spend the future further developing this universe and the levels within these games.

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