Inspiration - Went into GSUHack with a single idea: I want to build a video game. After an hour of brainstorming, I decided on a Simcity-like game but in space. So, I marched relentlessly to see how far I can go.

What it does - The original idea is to be a multiplayer game with a free-market economy system that takes advantage of Amazon's Web Services.

How I built it - I used Amazon's Lumberyard to help put down the foundation.

Challenges I ran into - Oh boy, tighten your seat belts for this one. Originally, I was in a team of four and I pitched the idea for a video game. They didn't seem to mind the idea, so we went with it. At 8 PM, Friday, I found that they all left and a day later found that they weren't coming back. I pursued the idea regardless, and eventually settled on the idea of a Space City Sim Game. Going into it, I have only the knowledge of Java for programming languages. I have very sparsely touched a game engine, let alone Amazon's, so I spent the first night and second day going over tutorials. The second night was met with my laptop's utter refusal to install VS C++ Redists below 2008. So, I had to make a workaround to continue. I worked through each night, with a grand total of 105 minutes of sleep (very efficient sleep, mind you.) and eventually managed to get as far as I did. The last hurtle, is trying to figure out how to compile the sources and getting the software to do so before the deadline (that is now.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Learning how to use a game engine by myself, and getting the groundwork done for my own game in about 3 days. The fact that I did it solo really makes me happy that I kept going through the nights without sleep (and occasionally food).

What I learned - Don't lose hope. Find a meaning for the things you do. It's not always about the prizes and competition, the point is to have fun, become a better engineer, and make something you're proud of. (Technically, I kinda knew that coming in, but this experience solidifies that thought, and I hope other hackers can learn from this as well.)

What's next for Space City Sim (Name Pending) - It's very unfinished, and unpolished, and there's so many things to do just to get it to being even playable. I have to finish implementing the UI, menu, music/sounds, economy system, buildings, multiplayer support, AI, etc, etc.

Built With

  • amazon-lumberyard
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