Astrology has shown that the stars in the sky can affect our relationships. It's not an astrological mistake when two people meet or fall in love on a certain day. People are shown to have a stronger connecting when they stars are positioned or aligned a certain way.

What it does

Users are welcomed to the site and asked to enter their name, their partner's name, and the day they met. The information given would then show them what the sky and stars looked like on that day. Couples would input their name and the date they fell in love, and that date would be sent to the NASA API. The API would then give the user a picture of what the stars looked like on that specific date.

How we built it

We designed the project using Figma. The Front-End was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. The Back-End was built with Python, Flask, and the NASA API.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using the NASA API. NASA had lots of different API's so we had to look through lots of examples and documentation in order to create the request we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with a new API that we had not used before.

What we learned

The ability to implement the NASA API into our Back-End.

What's next for Space-Cial

A way for user's to create an account and save their picture.

Built With

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