We made the Space Bounties project for fun and for helping people with their technology or coding problems. We can message or video chat with people.

What it does

The Space Bounties website is set up as a point system based on Bounties' problem solving skills and helping people. You can create questions and post them on the site. A bounty hunter (Another User) would answer your question. A correct answer gives 1 point. If not successfully answered, the bounty hunter will lose a point.

How I built it

We used react.js and Heroku for website deployment and built the login page, register page, logged page, message, and video chat. We set up the Heroku database for username, password, point system, and question/answer.

Challenges I ran into

We have struggled with website deployment and setting up databases. We tried Google Cloud and Azure Cloud but MongoDB won't connect to them. We don't have enough time to implement a website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We gained some knowledge of new technologies and programming languages. At least, we finished our project on time.

What I learned

We learned that a working website deployment is difficult to be done successfully with Google Cloud and Azure Cloud. We then changed the method to use Heroku which deployed frontend and backend. It works for now. Time management is pretty tough. More errors and bugs took up a lot of our time. Our original idea is Freelance Tech Support but our website doesn't look that. We changed our idea to Space Bounties for now.

What's next for Space Bounties

We will improve Space Bounties project for sure!

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