We are typing enthusiasts, but sometimes, speed typing gets boring, even for us. To add some fun to it, we present speed typing as an enjoyable game!

What it does

Space Bar is a speed typing game, where players objective is to collect as much points as possible.

  • A beam of words will advance towards the ship. Your job is to weaken the beam by typing the words inside it and destroy them.
  • The speed of beam will gradually increase with time, and if the beam reaches near the ship. The ship will be destroyed and that's game over for you.

How we built it

  • We used Reactjs for building the frontend. We used Framer-motion for animations, ts-particles for background and Tailwindcss for styling.
  • We wrote the game logic with TypeScript.
  • Deployed it using Vercel.

Challenges we ran into

  • It was our first time using TypeScript for writing code, hence defining types was sometimes annoying.
  • We faced some difficulties in recording correct keystrokes, but we solved it eventually.
  • Styling the growing divs was also difficult.
  • We planned a lot of features to implement, but given the time constraints of the hackathon, we decided to think over it in future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Presented a minimal viable product before time.
  • Beautiful UI
  • Accurate score, and typing logic.

What we learned

  • Successfully tackled the difficulties of new language.
  • Time management

What's next for Space Bar

  • Addition of some more modes, such as
  • - restricted time mode
  • - falling words
  • - multiplayer rooms
  • - leaderboard.

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