I was inspired by my mentor after watching a space attack video on a hot and sunny day and I felt in-love with the graphics and how they fight, so i decided to do same with html5,css3 and javascript in a game.

What it does

The game is all about entertainment where it has no end and a person will decide to complete the game to the end because it is worth playing.

How I built it

I built it with javascript after watching and playing a similar game online and I use css to make it look real and deploying it into html to enable it run and play in the web as html5 game.

Challenges I ran into

It wasn't easy at all, I ran into challenges in the phraser.js code whereby the interface will not be working fine and the .js code but it's was fun battling with this code for three weeks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of been a javascript programmer in my own little way, by building some awesome projects including this particular one.

What I learned

I learnt more about javascript toolings like d3.js when I ran into a error somewhere in the .js and phraser.js code in the project and also to be patience and persistence in coding.

## What's next for Space Attack

I hope to see this game on facebook as one of the most played game, and its still under development to make it look more effective and efficient in playing by the players.


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