I was inspired to get on the project by my 12th grade Information and Communication technology teacher. Since the first day I met him, he has always believed in me and that I could do a lot much more than The current Ethiopian curriculum of his subject. As he always does, he assigned my class to a project, where we can choose what ever topic we wanted. After class, he told me that he was expecting the best project from me, so I knew I had to make him proud. Later that day I sent him an email saying I was gonna make a game, but he never replied. The next day, he told me he loved the idea and that he wanted to see it in action. I knew he was excited to see what I could do because he smiled for about 30 minutes as we were discussing the matter.

What it does

The game was designed basically to help stressed people relieve their stress. It is a fast and entertaining game where you can see your progress. As shooting is the main point of the game, the player has to move side to side to hit the enemies as fast as he/she can or the enemies will instantly destroy the player which is "game over".

How I built it

To build the game I had to use python 3.6 for the main game loop and the characters, Although I had to use photo-shop to design the characters, background and Icon, so as to achieve the dark theme I wanted.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the game I ran in to several problems which are mainly connected to the availability of fast Internet connection in my home town. I could not get the modules I wanted in time, not to mention the time it took me to get the full sound effects up and running.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As for the accomplishments, the game has not been viewed by many so I have not gotten a lot from it yet. But I am sure that I have made my teacher proud.

What I learned

I hardly knew what I could do with Python until I started the project, now I know how much I can take my abilities with python. I have learned a lot about the language, not to mention the knowledge I got on image processing from photoshop.

What's next for Space 2018

Hopefully, Space 2018 is going to be applicable for android phones to increase its distributivity. I am also hoping to update its sound effects and graphics.

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