Sp/itfund is a co-ownership protocol built on NEAR.

Real Estate co-ownership has been around for more than a decade, however accessing this investment type is bureaucratic, limited to large deposit minimums and restricted to the investor's territory.

Sp/itfund brings the power back to the common citizen by opening the global Real Estate market to USDT/NEAR holders.

Investing with the Sp/itfund co-ownership protocol is transparent, decentralized, quick, secure and it has no boundaries.

The Sp/itfund protocol provides passive income from rent and a reliable store of value that users can sell in the open market at any time.

Sp/iftund versus table

What it does

On the technical side, users get back a new NEP141 token as a receipt for their USDT/NEAR investment. This token is tradable at any time. If the funding amount goal is not reached within the expiration date, the users get their investment back. Our contracts are backed by solid unit tests.

Sp/itfund NEP141 contract call

We implemented the Sp/itfund co-ownership protocol on a Real Estate crowdfunding site as a POC: funding amount goal, days left, number of backers, etc. Sp/itfund makes it easy to invest in Real Estate co-ownership starting from 50.00 USDT/NEAR.

Sp/itfund main flow

How we built it

Sp/itfund co-ownership protocol is a set of powerful NEAR Rust contracts connected to a NextJS app as a proof of concept.

A new Escrow contract is deployed from CMS data

CMS to contract data

Sharing a property loads decentralized data from the contract

Sp/itfund property sharing

What's next: The Sp/itfund Widget

Sp/itfund widget

What if the ReMax Commercial Properties site has the Splitfund Widget on its sidebar? What if dozens of investors fund this land and decide through a DAO to make a profit out of it?

What if hundreds of USDT/NEAR holders not limited by their country of residence own a share of this old building in Oaxaca, Mexico to transform it into a Boutique Hotel and earn from passive income while participating in the board of members?

What's next: Legal Architecture

The legal side of Sp/itfund is challenging: how to make NEAR wallets IRL owners of a Real Estate property? We are in negotiations with ArcesMX to make it possible in Mexico as a pilot jurisdiction.

What's next: Investment Portfolio Management Apps Alternative

Negotiate with partners such as Midas, Vest to list Sp/itfund properties in investment portfolio apps.

What's next: Mainnet

Sp/itfund contracts manage large amounts of USDT/NEAR funds, even though our Rust unit tests are solid, we want to make final UI tests to ensure optimal functioning of the app to prevent funds loses.

What's next: Sell with us

Contact our database of Real Estate brokers potential partners so that they sell their properties with Sp/itfund.

What's next: i18n

Translate the entire app to Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

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