Constantly hearing about the struggles of money management within our youth and not having parental guidance after moving out, we wanted to see if we could solve that problem with machine learning due to its almost endless applications.

What it does

It takes in basic information of the user (name, age, location, scale from 1-10 how much they'd like to save) and compares it to the average cost of living for the last 3 years and outputs what it thinks the user should spend per week.

How I built it

I built the program using python and python data science libraries such as matplotlib, sci-kitlearn, pickle and numpy.

Challenges I ran into

Locating and cleaning the data was the most challenging part I went through as local data is very limited however all of the data must be in integers so some had to be converted.

What I learned

Refining my skills in machine learning

What's next for Sozo

Full app development

Built With

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