Why I Did It

Soylent is a running inside joke for me. So, I decided to use it within my game.

Functions of the Project

You bowl a ball and hit the bottles of soylent.

The Ingredients of the Creation

Unity and Oculus Rift and some C#.


Setting up Oculus Rift: there was an error with file locations. Learning Unity: first time using it in a three-dimensional environment. Using Oculus: first time working with virtual reality in a project. Rendering a customized surface for the Soylent model. Manipulating the physics of the models.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning about Unity and virtual reality.

What I learned

How to better Unity/Oculus.

What's next for Soy Bowl

More detailed graphics with an aesthetic, a greater detailed physics integration. Integration of its common features in order to create another game.

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