Are you tired of being stuck at the tail-end of the boarding line, disappointed by the in-flight entertainment options, or frustrated by seat options?

How would you like priority boarding, free in-flight wifi, and and more accessible meal options?

What it does

Our disruptive approach to flying reconsiders the most time consuming aspects of air travel reducing boarding and deboarding time while minimizing waste and maximizing airline revenue. Furthermore, we redesigned the in flight cabin experience with the flyer at the forefront.

An all new entertainment system improves the meal ordering experience, increases the efficiency of the flight crew, and allows you to connect to your favorite entertainment services in seconds.

How we built it

Our vision for the airline experience of tomorrow was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Tabletop.js, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Script for the database.

Challenges we ran into

Designing an interactive user interface for seat selection was a major challenge! From finding a suitable image and manipulating it to clear the rows of seats to aligning the html buttons to select and deselect seats on board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing all aspects of the user dashboard, from custom login to seat finding allowing us to demo the flyer experience from end to end.

What we learned

JavaScript, jQuery, Google Script.

What's next for Southeast Xpress Airlines

We'd like to be able to test our platform on real in plane hardware.

Built With

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