Having the lightest webapp. that can be run offline on the most amount of cellphones for fishermen in South Africa: to identify, give info, having fishermen input data into the size/weight calculator to determine if the fish is a 'keeper' or 'throwback', and optionally sending back data to a mother-server for online collection and analysis. The FishDex will be hosted and distributed on SeaWorld South Africa's website.

How it works

The FishDex runs off a very light-weight web platform (that does not need any plugins or extra scripted modules to run), so that it can be run offline or online on all cellphones, laptops and tablets.

The web-app has a custom database to store the 160+ South African fish species. The web-app displays the fish names and nomenclature in an organized index with pictures. Clicking on a fish brings you to its page with more information, and with a fish length and weight calculator. Entering the fishes information will tell you whether this particular size/weight is allowed to be kept by fishermen. The FishDex also gives you a lot of available research including ecological status, habitats, and links to the Fishbase and Worm species page articles. The web-app also has caching programs that store the webpage onto your phone if you view it online, so that you can keep using it offline as well!

The FishDex accomplishes the following three important challenge goals:

A. Building a light-weight custom database systems for the South African fish species

B. Indexing fish species, via different logical and biological organizations

C. Allowing species length/weight calculations, and then telling you whether it's a 'keeper' or a 'throwback' (with additional biological research available on the rationale and benefit of throwing back juniors)!

The FishDex will be published online the South African SeaWorld website, allowing users to submit photos of their fish catch, weight and length information, and location and time data. This will allow monitoring of all of the fish species across South Africa.

The FishDex aplication was developed at FishHackathon 2015 Vancouver Aquarium and can be applied to other marine environments, contexts and settings. Any future developments and collaborations are encouraged (CC Open License). Corresponding Author: Joshua P. Paulton 1 + (604) 700-7264 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to stay awake. But it was a lot of fun to compile the database format. It was a challenge to organize all of my team most effectively. But we as a group found how to offer our special skills and abilities to make the project the best. The electric eel kept going off all night while we were sleeping, but that's okay, that's his/her thing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we built a super light-weight web-app fully functional core application, that will be able to be used with all types of cellphones, laptops and tablets in the wild, to be able to learn more about South African fish. This app has usability in mind, so that it effectively and elegantly handles access and identification into significant amounts of research.

What I learned

I learned how to code in XML, code in light-weight Javascript without having to use any extra software libraries. I learned how to better work with new friends on a complex problem, where we all have different talents and skills. I learned how to plan a project, and execute a project plan to accomplish a goal within a tight-timeframe. I learned to love and support all of the amazing research and projects that contribute to our local habitat in Vancouver, and the full beautiful planet for all of the amazing animals!

What's next for South African Fish Index: Fishdex SA 2015

The FishDex will be published online and distributed with the South African SeaWorld. Arrangements for this are currently being made.

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