SousChef is a voice controlled cooking assistant that runs in your browser.

How many times have you wanted to cook but you don't know how? SousChef allows you to search for recipes across multiple websites.

But following a recipe can be tricky if your hands are messy. You have to turn a page, scroll down, or click something to continue. You also need to convert all of the units given manually if you have to!

SousChef provides a voice assistant named Sue to help you with all of this. Sue will read you steps, convert units, and set timers for you. All you have to do is ask.

Technology Stack

SousChef is a locally hosted Web Application for OS X. It uses Flask for Python 2.7 as the backend. The Frontend uses Javascript with AngularJS and JQuery. Text to Speech is performed by Chrome. Chrome's Speech to text API's are used with to understand the user's voice. Recipies are aquired using the Yummly API and the steps are scraped manually with webscraping for python.


Initially we were using Google Chrome's native Text to Speech. Possibly due to overuse or outside factors at around midnight before submission, text to speech failed. Text to speech was crucial to our app so we needed an alternative. Attempts were made to use Google Translate to keep the same voice quality, but they were unsuccessful. A creative alternative was available: a MacBook Air. Rather than hosting on the web for many clients, by running the backend on the cient Macbook we could use OS X's say command directly from the backend, rather than Google on the frontend. After some questionable system calls we had the app working again, and ready to demo. In the morning, either by skill or luck, Chrome's text to speech worked again and we were ready to go.

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