The FM radio stations in Urbana-Champaign leave much to be desired. They do not match the many musical tastes of the diverse Chambana community. We sought to solve that problem by creating a democratic radio station for the community.

What it does

UChooseFM lets the people of Urbana Champaign submit and vote on what song will be played next on a public FM radio station. Users go on the UChooseFM website and/or app to submit song requests and vote for their favorite songs to play next.

How we built it

There are two front ends: an android app and a node.js website. These interact with a Python backend and the Spotify Web API to allow search and vote functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Just getting the parts for the radio was a challenge Getting the discrete chunks of UChooseFM to work with each other has and is a challenge.

What's next for UChooseFm

Finishing the interaction of the different parts, and cleaning up the user experience are the next steps for UChooseFM.

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