Source Arcana is an action game for the HTC Vive that uses gestures to trigger magic spells. Goals are to make it fast-paced, for spells to be counterable, and for a player to win based on actual experience and skill (like a sport) rather than artificial XP points or levels. In its current version, it's a bit like magic meets dodgeball, tennis, and goal tending. Currently single player, it's intended to be primarily PvP.

The object of the game is to destroy the other player. When a player dies, they turn into a spirit and hover in the air for a short time before returning to the ground in the flesh. In order to truly defeat the other player, you must destroy their Source Arcana, a magical artifact behind them that gives them their powers and ability to regenerate.

Players must protect their Source as well as avoid damage themselves, because dying means the source will be open to attack for several seconds.

Players cast spells by drawing their shape in the air with the pad and charging them with the trigger.

Player success will be achieved by effectively dodging player and creature spells, managing damage taken by themselves and their Source, and by distracting, countering, or overwhelming the other player enough to land hits from their own player or creature spells. The winner will win by being more physically agile and by effectively countering opponent's moves.

Spells are: Bolt, Shield, Fireball, Wall, Sentry, Blind, Interrupt, Portal Grenade

CONTROLS Hold pad to draw, release to finish Hold trigger to charge, release to cast

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