Inspiration & What it does

A person who is blind should also be given the opportunity to enjoy what our video entertainment world has to offer, too. In our case, we designed an executable desktop based program that aims to promote welfare of the others, particularly, to help someone who is blind to enjoy any YouTube videos online as much as they would be as a normal user.

How we built it

Our product is a python based program that is light weight, portable, and utilizes a Web Crawler made specifically for this program. The program also uses voice narration from python’s built in library to help blind users navigate the videos fast and efficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By using Web Crawler, we get the benefit of being able to pull YouTube data at a very fast speed and scalable size(if needed); and since our primary clients are blind users, we are only pulling data involving video title – not those thumbnails or user playlists since they serve no purpose to a blind user, this allows our program to load at a faster speed and easier to navigate. Once user selects a video via only keyboard input, the video will get streamed directly from YouTube at highest definition possible.

On top of playing YouTube video, our program also has the power to filter out ANY ads because we simply aren’t pulling the ads data.

Our program is competing in the following challenges:

  1. “Easy to use hack that promotes welfare of a broad audience thru HEALTH” – Bloomberg. In

  2. “Best app/program using internet sourced data” – BookHolders. Our app uses the internet our case, Any person who is blind or visually impaired that could benefit from the voice narration our program has to offer.

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