What it does

Soundtrax takes in any story. It performs sentiment analysis paragraph by paragraph and matches them with the mood categories provided by the TiVo cataloguing system. Then, it uses those moods to search for appropriate songs as background music, and returns them to the user.

Challenges I ran into

The API documentation for TiVo was outdated, so it was tough to navigate. Plus, I got to the hackathon really late and didn't start this project until 3 am – never doing that again!

What I learned

Unrelated to the actual technologies, I learned how difficult it is to get music licensing approved. I learned a lot about music metadata and the various APIs I got to work with, and what sales are like in a non-tangible goods industry such as music.

What's next for Soundtrax

I'd like to adapt it so that you can put entire movie scripts into it and it will suggest music for the background. Of course, a wider library of music to work with would be great.

Built With

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