Our love for music and technology inspired us to create a glove that allows us to finger drum our favorite sounds.

What it does

The SoundTouch gloves play sounds when fingers are tapped against any surface.

How we built it

SoundTouch gloves were build using an ESP32 board with a wifi module, a LiPo battery and 5 photoresistors for each hand. The board connects to a NodeJS server that triggers sounds in SoundPlant, a music software.

Challenges we ran into

One of the wires pierced through the isolation on another wire and we had to take down the whole glove to find the culprit. We didn't know how to properly read analog to digital converter pins on the board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was the first any of the members worked with the technologies above, not to mention soldering wires.

What we learned

Soldering wires Connecting via WiFi through Arduino IDE Building a server in NodeJS

What's next for SoundTouch Gloves

SoundTouch gloves can be tweaked to be used as a standalone instrument for creating any type of music.

The gloves can also be adapted for multiple purposes, such as teaching children and helping people with disabilities.

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