Meet SoundRev

Impatience, frustration, and anger are all emotions that children routinely feel wholeheartedly. However, the typical methods they use to release this passion typically include actions with negative consequences--hurting their friends, running away, and screaming at their parents, among others. We utilized Arduino to create a spinning flower that reacts to your child's voice--the louder they vocalize, the faster the flower revolves.

Instead of directing his or her anger towards others, your child may now let the flower whirl away his/her screams. The captivating SoundRev will calm and comfort your child, allowing them to release their irritation in a more positive manner. The soundRev may also be used as a bluetooth speaker, during which time the flower will react to the vibrations of the music. The sensitivity of the microphone, color of light, and bluetooth connection may be adjusted using a simple iOS application for your iPhone.

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