A The Story of SoundPath

We built SoundPath with a simple idea: take the sounds from an area - radio news, podcasts, audio stories about items of interest - and make them available to anyone traveling to or through that destination.

The app combined two ideas: SoundFrame, Lo Bénichou's web app that allows you to tell stories through sounds and maps; and an idea to surface local content in an easy-to-use and highly discover-able format.

Travelers and curious commuters are our target users. Whether they're taking the same routes every day, or visiting a place for the first time, the places travelers pass through are landscapes full of their own stories that SoundPath helps surface. By highlighting local news, personal histories, and unique bits of hyper-local culture -- such as restaurant profiles, buildings breaking ground, or musicians with upcoming shows -- we help travelers see these communities as more than places to get gas or get stuck in traffic.

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