We wanted to see if we could take an image and turn it into an auditory experience. We thought that this could be used for artistic purposes or to help visually impaired persons process visual inputs.

What it does

Transforms a photo into audio output.

How we built it

We utilized Python. We used pillow, pygames, and custom wav files. We designed a code to scan an image and find the dominant pigment of that image on a red, blue, and green scale. The dominant color would code for an output of sound. For example, red is e minor.

Challenges we ran into

Python. We are all relatively inexperienced coders and we had to practice using patience and perseverance. Which python tool, so to speak, is the most practical for what we were trying to accomplish.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got it to work!

What we learned

Python! It can be your friend. That coding = lots of downloading things not just knowing how to use a code.

What's next for Sound of Color

We want to take moving pictures or a series of pictures and to turn it into sound. To be able to interpret different tones of color so that the computer can interpret things like texture. Currently, it is a very random output of sound and if we could find a way to clean that up and make it into a more comprehensible output that would be super cool.

We want to experiment converting sound into images for the hearing impaired.

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