I have been to tons of shows and have every ticket stub in a ticket album, but it's missing most of the shows I've gone to because most tickets are digital or Will Call today, and some venues take the entire ticket. I wanted one place where I could go to see a timeline of the concerts I've been to, who I went with, and look at the photos my friends and I took.

What it does

Mobile app for concertgoers

  • See a list of ticket stubs for concerts you've been to including data like venue, seat, and price
  • See which friends attended the show with you
  • View the photos you and your friends took at the show
  • Watch the concert in VR
  • Listen to artists that you might like given the shows you've gone to
  • Lets you spark a show for an artist you might be interested in

Website for tour managers

  • View a map with data points to let manager determine where to tour next
    • Clusters of fans
    • Tour locations
    • Indications of capacity filled
    • Indications for time since last tour date

Branded Google Cardboard

  • Custom branding allows bands to sell cool merchandise which will be very engaging for fans

How I built it

Mobile app for concertgoers

  • Xamarin
  • Unity
  • Google VR for Google Cardboard
  • Qloo API to find artists you might like
  • 7digital music streaming
  • Amazon Web Services

Website for tour managers

  • Angular
  • SKY UX
  • Google maps

Branded Google Cardboard

  • Google Cardboard (the specs are open source so these are very cheaply available customized in bulk)
  • Sharpies
  • Brother label printer

Challenges I ran into

The 7digital release popularity is always 0 (I think this is a bug), and tracks don't contain popularity info. This means that I can't determine the most popular track to stream, which means that I have to choose a track at random and hope that it is a good one.

I don't have a large data set to seed the tour manager website with so it's not very compelling in its current state. I think if this app becomes widely used, it will give me the data needed to provide useful information here. I am randomly generating 100 tour dates but the data is unrealistic.

There is a bug in the Google VR SDK that prevents viewing 360 videos on iOS, so I could only show that part of the app on Android even though it should be cross-platform.

I believe it is possible but I didn't complete getting the VR concert viewer to be included in the app bundle so they are currently two apps that both need to be downloaded to function.

Finding any VR video of concerts was very difficult. I only managed to find one and had to find that person's contact information to get permission to use the video.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall I think this went quite well and I didn't run into any major roadblocks. I had a good plan going in and I think I executed on most of the pieces I wanted to.

What I learned

Copyrights are very complicated.

What's next for Soundex

  • Hook up the pieces that are hard-coded to real data stores and authentication
  • Additional advertising opportunities
    • Link to purchase music, merchandise, or tickets
  • More complex location and friend management for concertgoers
  • Upload photos and 360 videos
  • Add shows
  • Select artists for festivals

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